5 Reasons EssayFolks.com is a scam


The first time I applied for the services of EssayFolks.com was in my freshman year for a very simple English essay that simply escaped my attention and I needed it on a fast turnaround time. I read up some reviews on third party websites and seeing some good reviews and the fact that I had very little time, I gave them the order. Working with Matt and Nancy from Essay Folks was quite a disaster and here are 5 reasons why I know for sure that EssayFolks.com is a scam:

They were late and didn’t even apologize or refund! – I had given them on a Wednesday evening and they had promised to send me the essay by Thursday afternoon. Till 5 PM on Thursday, there was absolutely no sign of the essay. I had to beg my teacher for an extension and thanks to the good rapport I shared with her, she agreed for a two-day extension as a one-time offer. I got the essay only by Friday noon.

The quality was very ordinary – Post reading those rave reviews at multiple third party websites, I was sure that even if delayed, I would get an outstanding piece of essay. Well, I was thoroughly disappointed. The quality was quite average and I am glad I asked for that extension because I found many errors which needed correction and I had to send it back. This time they promised to return it by the morning of Saturday. Of course, it was returned only by Sunday morning and that too, with many corrections left undone. Instead of sending it back, I chose to correct the errors myself this time.

The customer service is non-existent or nearly so – Well, the first time there was the delay, I had panicked. I tried reaching them at the phone numbers mentioned. It rang and rang and there was no response at all. I tried multiple times before someone picked up the call and she was completely ignorant of what to do. She sounded flustered and said that she was new and will get someone to call me back at the earliest. Of course, the anger that spewed out of my mouth could have rattled her too. But still, why was a new staff who was not yet trained to manage customers be put at customer services at all? Every time I made a call, I faced this problem. Even the promise of getting back immediately was not immediate. I got a response only after a few hours and that too to tell me that they will need a couple more hours to complete the work!

The prices are very high – By itself, the cost was not much. But considering the problems EssayFolks.com created for me, I thought they charged me far more than the quality of work they created. Moreover, some corrections were not done too and I had to do them myself. Ideally, I should have got a refund!

All their reviews are fake ones – After the bad experience, I went back to the review sites to read the reviews and this time, with more care. I now realized that all the reviews appeared fake. They were too praiseworthy and almost too good to be true. Sadly I realized it too late. Yet, I promised myself never to use their services ever again.


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College and High School Students

Are you needing a topic for a compare and contrast essay? Searching for a topic idea that’s easy to write about? Scouring the internet for unique things to compare and contrast? Here are a few essay topics for middle school, high school, and college students to use for compare and contrast essay assignments.

Shopping at the Mall vs. Shopping Online

If you enjoy shopping this one should be fairly easy to write about. There are pros and cons of each. Discuss how shopping online will save time, but shopping at the mall can allow you try on clothing, etc.

Playing Foosball vs. Soccer

Foosball can be very entertaining but isn’t exactly great exercise. If you are a soccer player and have played foosball this one is a great topic to choose. Another idea is to compare playing video games to sports.


Difference #1: Foosball players have perfect hair.

Going to a Wedding vs. Going to a Quinceanara

If you have attended both a quinceanera and a wedding this is an interesting topic to choose. You could also compare a wedding to the prom.

Building With Legos vs. Building With Bricks

No, you don’t necessarily have to be a brick layer to write about this, but you might have to do some more research. This is a creative topic.

Tutors vs. Essay Writing Services

This is an interesting topic that few other students are even aware of. Some say that essay writing services are sleazy scams. Are tutors scams? What are the differences between the two and what are the implications?

City Life vs. Country Life

If you’ve lived in both places, or have at least visited both, this is a great topic. You can mention everything from traffic differences to shopping possibilities.

Reality TV vs. Sitcoms

If you are a television watcher, this topic might be something you’d enjoy writing about.

Swimming in a Pool vs. Swimming in Swimming in the Ocean

Another good topic is to compare swimming in a pool with swimming in the ocean. If you have experienced both, this might be the topic for you.

Fast Food Restaurant vs. Sit Down Restaurant

An additional great idea is to compare two different types of restaurants. For example, you could compare Dairy Queen to Red Lobster.

High School Graduation vs. Preschool Graduation

This one might be a little silly, but its still something that you can compare and contrast. You could compare a high school graduation to a preschool or kindergarten graduation.

Having Siblings vs. Being an Only Child

Obviously, the is not exactly one that you could write about from experience. But, you could talk with some only children, or children with siblings, and find out about the differences and similarities.

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Last, but not least, you can compare two different holidays. You could also compare the 4th of July with Easter, etc.

These are just ten different ideas on things to compare and contrast. If you are still needing some ideas, please read “10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas.” Happy Writing!

Stanford University Develops Test to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California have announced they have developed a blood test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. The test, developed by Satoris., Inc, is based on 18 proteins in blood plasma; in small trials the test has been found to be 90% accurate.

Currently Alzheimer’s is often misdiagnosed; a true diagnosis is available only at autopsy via analysis of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Current diagnostic techniques are imperfect and include memory tests such as repeating groups of words, names, and numbers, doing simple calculations, naming objects in the room, and tests of problem solving skills and concentration. Physicians analyzing a patient for Alzheimer’s also often perform the following medical tests: EEG, MRI, CT, PET, and SPECT. A blood test for a gene known to be a risk for Alzheimer’s is also utilized

The clinical test to diagnose Alzheimer’s developed by Satoris, Inc. may be available for use in patients within several years; A definitive test for early diagnosis will be of enormous importance as medications are under development to slow down the prognosis of Alzheimer’s. .

Once the Alzheimer’s diagnostic blood test is in clinical use it will allow physicians analyzing patients with memory problems to know if the patient will progress to Alzheimer’s disease in the next few years. Over 5.1 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s. If larger-scale tests prove the test developed at Stanford to be an accurate gauge of incipient Alzheimer’s, it will dramatically improve the ability of doctors to definitively diagnose Alzheimer’s. Then patients and families will have to struggle with the issue of when and if they want to take the test and receive the news of upcoming Alzheimer’s. Many families will be faced with very tough decisions about how to proceed once a definitive warning of Alzheimer’s is received.

More information about the test to diagnose Alzheimer’s is available at the British journal: Nature Medicine and will also soon be on the website: http://www.Nature.com.

Raise Funds for Alzheimer’s Research

The following websites offer information about how to participate and create events to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research and treatment; http://www.Alz.org, http://www.action.alz.org, and http://www.Alzheimers.org.

For a unique fundraising activity involving sewing small quilts, read the article by Mrs. Micah:


Movie Review – an Education

An Education features some really nice performances in service of a story that was, for me, not very meaningful or compelling. Set in London, in the `60s at a time just before the Beatles arrived to shake things up, we meet Carey Mulligan, a student at an all-girl high school. She is super smart amp; witty (naturally, because she will grow up to be her own biographer and write the book upon which the movie is based), and this has made her restless and reckless. She’s very interested in boys, but seldom gets to meet any that stir any interest in her. She’s a sweet-faced girl who is just looking for the right opportunity to get into some serious mischief.
She’s the only child in a fairly lower-middle class family. Her father (Alfred Molina) is deeply ambitious for her…and obsesses about her grades so that she can get into college. He’s naïve about the world though, but runs his household as though he’s the authority on all things. In reality, he’s such a tyrant because he’s afraid to experience new and unfamiliar things. Mom understands the restlessness of her daughter, but has assumed a passive role in the family…she sees more than she lets on, but she also does nothing about it. So into this situation strides Peter Sarsgard, a charming, suave and sophisticated bachelor who is clearly MUCH older than Mulligan. They meet one very rainy day when he gives her a ride home from her music lessons, and she is immediately charmed by his easy wit and urbane manner. He clearly sees a girl who is very naïve, but very much ready to let her hair down.

He charms her parents (in scenes that are incredibly difficult to swallow…yes, he’s charming and well-to-do…but the fact that she’s perhaps 17 and he’s clearly 30ish gives up a creepy vibe that I find hard to believe her parents don’t pick up on), and soon the two are engaged in quite a crazy fling. He introduces her to fine restaurants and bars and to another couple, consisting of another man who appears to be Peter’s best friend and his girlfriend, an empty-headed blonde (Rosamund Pike, quite funny) who is very upfront in admitting that she’s along for the money and glamour. The four become inseparable, and Carey begins to concoct lies to get away from home and spend more time with these folks. She eventually devises a doozy of a lie that convinces her father that she’s going to meet CS Lewis and visit Oxford…when she’s really going away with this creepy guy in order to loose her virginity. And she eventually discovers that these two men of leisure are con men and thieves…yet is easily convinced to stay with them. She’s enjoying the glamorous life, after all.

Eventually, as you might suppose, things are exposed and the carefully constructed lies fall apart. The entire story is so frivolous that it’s hard to believe the movie can be engrossing. But most of the performers give such excellent performances that for the time of the movie, you can overlook the fact that these are mostly petty thieves and liars, or terrible parents who are willing to look the other way as their child engages in a highly inappropriate relationship because it might open some doors for her.

The film looks great, with excellent period costuming and detail. London feels like a city on the edge of bursting away from the staid, old-fashioned past into a center for a youthful revolution.

But it is the acting that really makes the film work. Alfred Molina, finally playing a British character, is really quite wonderful as the father. Towards the end of the movie, he has one small scene, sitting outside the door of his daughter’s room, that is simply the best one-minute of movie writing and acting this year. It’s a tiny little moment, but wrenching in its perfect evocation of what it means for this man to have his heart broken by his beloved daughter. Sarsgard is good in his role, but hugely unlikable. He certainly carries a creepy, pedophile vibe…and I still maintain that he would have turned her parents off.

However, this is young Carey Mulligan’s movie and she utterly commands it. Surely an Oscar nomination awaits her. Her character is so trivial and unlikable…yet Mulligan makes us see the way her innate intelligence and curiosity get the best of her. She does bad things because she is compelled to experience something outside her limited world. And when she is inevitably disappointed, we can feel the anguish and the realization that she is indeed a little girl still. Great stuff.

I’d also like to mention that Emma Thompson appears in a small, but hugely satisfying performance as the headmistress of the school. She has one of the best lines of the year (if you’ve seen the trailers for the film, you’ve seen it). Mulligan says something like, “I suppose you think I’m a ruined woman” and Thompson throws back, with the most casually sweet vitriol, “Oh, you’re not a woman.” You gotta see it to believe it.

I heartily recommend An Education if you’re interested in some very nice performances. It is slow paced and not a great deal of import happens. For me, when it was over, I realized how truly nasty so many of the people really were, and the charm wore off quickly. I know for others, the glow lasted much longer. Either way, I think the film is well worth supporting.

Haiti to Benefit from Performance at University of North Carolina, Charlotte

A relief effort for Haiti will be held at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, on January 31st. Tickets purchased before the 31st will be $6.00 and can be purchased through http://www.planetpresale.com. Tickets at the door will be $8.00. The concert will begin at 5:30 in the Anne R. Belk Theater, 9201 University City Boulevard in Charlotte.
Referred to as the Haiti Earthquake Benefit Concert, money raised for this event will benefit Haiti only, with performers donating their time. The benefit is being hosted by the Robinson Hall Players, and the University of North Carolina Charlotte Department of Theatre.

Those scheduled to perform at this point include Amy Scheide, Matrimony, The Natural History, Jessica Drake, Jeremy Current, Bright Young Things, Sarah De Shields, E.S. Guthrie and Chris Kincaid. It is not known at this time if more people may be added at a later date.

This benefit will be in UNC Charlotte Anne R. Belk Theatre located in the Robsinson Hall for the Performing Arts.

Anyone with questions about the event may email Mary Kenny for more information. Her email address is mekenny@uncc.edu.

Charlotte residents have concerns that the health of those who survived the earthquake may deteriorate as time goes on. Limited medical and emergency supplies are available at this time for the victims who are waiting for assistance.

Funds received for Haiti Earthquake Benefit Concert will be handled by the American Red Cross. To make a donation to the Salvation Army before that time please see their link below.

Salvation Army

Planet presale

UNC benefit for Haiti

Atlanta Museums are Educational Vacations

If you’re visiting Atlanta for the summer, or live in the city and are looking for something new to do this summer, why not check out the great museums Atlanta has to offer? Whether you’re into art or history, or are looking to plan a field trip that the kids will love, Atlanta has a museum that you’ll definitely enjoy visiting.
The HIGH Museum of Art

The HIGH museum, Atlanta’s premier art museum, features work from both new and established artists from all over the world. Photographers, painters, and sculptors all have beautiful featured work in the museum, making the HIGH a great place to explore for those who are interested in all kinds of art. The museum features art exhibits from a number of time periods, so choosing an exhibit that interests you shouldn’t be a problem. Located in Atlanta’s Midtown Business District, the museum is easy to find, and could be very affordable, depending on how many people you bring with you. Group adult rates are available, and scheduled tours are conducted weekly on Fridays and Saturdays at 2 p.m. The museum also has a café, so you can make a day out of your museum visit by order lunch on site. Currently, the featured exhibit is a collection of photographic works by artist Ernest C. Whithers, entitled The Memphis Blues Again. The exhibit is a collection of milestones in the African-American community that have been photographed, including pictures from the Civil Rights Movement, athletes from the Negro Baseball League, and musicians during the time of the birth of blues in Memphis. For more information on the museum or for reservation information, visit http://www.high.org.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a great place to visit with your kids during the summer, if you’re local; the exhibits are always changing, and there are always a number of fun and educational activities for children to engage in. Activities for the summer include shoe tying lessons for toddlers, dramatization of children’s poems, and your children can even learn to make their own pop-up books. Regular exhibits include Fundamentally Food, an exhibit that teaches children how food can be used for both nutrition and art. Children will learn about how to grocery shop and plan recipes, as well as the shipping process for foods that come from all over the world. Tools for Solutions teaches children critical thinking skills, as well as math and science concepts; children learn how to plant their own gardens and about life under the soil, as well as how water is used to sustain life, and the properties of kinetic energy. Visit http://www.imagineit-cma.org for reservation information and museum hours.

In addition to these two major museums in Atlanta, there are also a number of historical centers in surrounding cities that you may want to visit when you’re in town. The Roselawn Museum in Cartersville, Georgia is actually the Victorian mansion of former evangelist Samuel Porter Jones. Memorabilia from Rebecca Felton, the first female U.S. senator is also exhibited in the mansion. The Big Shanty Museum in Kennesaw, Georgia is home to Civil War and locomotive Memorabilia, and the tour includes a video presentation of the Great Locomotive Chase. If you want to buy tickets in advance, or get more information on other Atlanta Museums, visit sites like http://www.inusa.com and http://www.atlanta.net.